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It's National Tequila Day: Where to Go & What to Get in Philly

For some, every day is National Tequila Day but it’s officially recognized on July 24th. Tequila can certainly be an acquired taste, but when included in a well crafted cocktail - it’s easy for everyone to enjoy! To honor the holiday, we’ve rounded up our favorite spots to grab a tequila based drink around Philadelphia:

Mission Taqueria: Located in the hustle and bustle of Center City, just above the famous Oyster House, Mission Taqueria is one of our favorite Tequila cocktail hot spots in Philly! We know that’s a bold statement however their extensive drink with a section strictly dedicated to margaritas, we’re confident in our statement! From smokey, spicy; there’s a little something for everyone. Our Recommendation: Bee Sting - mixing together blanco, lemon & jalapeno-infused honey.

Buena Onda: This one snuck on due to its casual fare and vibe where if you just want to grab a quick bite and a drink, you’ve come to the right place. Enter, get in line and order. Then find your seat and they’ll put your drink up on the bar when it’s ready so keep an eye out. Food will arrive shortly after & enjoy! They offer up the classic margarita or if it’s anything like last weekend and you need relief from the heat - cool down with a frozen marg in classic or prickly pear. Our Recommendation: The Classic Frozen...with salt on the rim.

El Vez: TWO FULL MENU PAGES dedicated to Tequila - if that’s not somewhere you want to spend National Tequila Day than maybe this is not the article for you! This is the place where you could spend an entire afternoon chowing down on chips, guac & salsa while working your way through the drink menu. Our Recommendation: Frozen Blood Orange Margarita - silver tequila, orange nectar, fresh blood orange puree.

El Rey: Both under the Starr name, El Vez & El Rey are similar in offerings however El Rey has an old school vibe with a speakeasy bar in the rear of the restaurant (more on that another day!). Again, you can snack on some chips and explore the cocktail list or split some pitchers of margaritas with friends to get a taste of a few drinks! Our Recommendation: For some spice in your life, the Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita.

Tequilas: The name speaks for itself, and their mixology menu is unparalleled. You know when their website featured the mixologists themselves, before the cocktails; it’s going to be a unique experience. The passion in the ingredients & the sourcing is what we’ve come to love about this spot which is why the Mojito Verde is our favorite. Tequila Interchange Project (TIP) is a non-profit organization and consumer advocacy group for agave distilled spirits Its goal is to place a renewed emphasis on the importance of preserving the great heritage of agave distillation in Mexico. Proceeds from the purchase of the drink will go towards helping TIP with their efforts. (directly from Tequlia's website) And our tequila Recommendation: Blueberry Thrill - siembra valles blanco, champagne, fresh lime juice, blueberries, cane sugar, crème de cassis, canton ginger & a hibiscus salt rim.

Lolita: Another tequila lovers paradise located on 13th Street, Lolita originally came to us as a BYO? (if you will). They served up some fresh mix and you bring a bottle of your favorite tequila. Since its opening, they’ve made a few changes, one being it’s no longer BYO. They now have a full drink menu with a killer happy hour; $5 bites & drinks offered both at the bar and outside! Our Recommendation: Strawberry Basil Margarita - exotico blanco, strawberry, lemon, lime & basil.

Rebel Taco: Been to the Bourse just off of Independence Mall yet? Rebel Taco is one of the TOP reasons to visit. The food hall located between Chestnut & Market on 5th Street offers plenty of variety but we always seem to keep coming back to Rebel. They offer a large menu of bites from chips and guac to a variety of a nice drink menu! Our Recommendation: (get the chips & guac) and enjoy with a Pom Pom Margarita - the classic margarita with a touch of pomegranate juice to sweeten things up a bit.

Spruce Street Harbor Park: As someone who wouldn’t go for a tequila drink if there was a full drink menu offered, I was not quick to try the margarita but when I went to grab a table someone ordered it for me and I am so glad they did! The stand has classic, mango and guava margaritas; as a group all three offerings ended up at our table and each was as delicious as the last. Our Recommendation: Grab all three & taste test!

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