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Worth the Line...Seriously.

My husband and I have tried to go here a few times now and somehow it NEVER coordinates with the little guy's schedule; but here's what you NEED to know about Angelo's Pizzeria on South 9th Street:

No Website, No Phone #, No Problem: There's no site or way to call ahead so just show up hungry & be ready to be delighted

No Tables: You either order to eat there and stand along the wall with a small ledge or you take out. Just go ahead and take out since it's always pretty busy and you'll want your space to enjoy

Cash Only: Don't wait in line only to get to the front and have to go to an ATM - just grab some green and catch your spot in line

Our Recommendations: The one time we *successfully* ordered here (we had no cash the first time and a cranky baby the second) we got the Meatball Parm sandwich, PFD (Philly Food Dude) & Margherita pizza. All were uh-mazing but the PFD was the crowd favorite in our house. Chicken cutlet with mozzarella, prosciutto, artichokes, arugula, and balsamic glaze - practically everything you'd ever want in a sandwich. The pizza was really nice as well - traditional sauce & mozzarella with a few basil leaves to top it off.

In short - unreal - it's a great place with the nicest people working there - perfect for a Sunday afternoon meal - or really whenever you're craving a great sandwich or pizza. Don't forget to plan ahead - cash only!

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