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Wine Wednesday: Rosé All Day

Quick read today since we're sticking to what we like and what we know. #WineWednesday again & we're BEGGING for spring/summer so we're all about the rose wines this week.

The list is short & sweet (well more dry, but you know what we mean!):

Whispering Angel: This is one you can find nearly anywhere. We spend our summers in Wildwood Crest and for any of you that know the area, you'd be surprised to know you can find this at the Crest Tavern's liquor store section...great right?! But anyway, we like this one because it's one of those that appeals to everyone. It's considered dry however there is a fresh sweetness to it too (in my opinion...).

Miraval: Favorite - this is hands down our summer go to. You know how you have to grab for a mimosa for your morning drink during the winter...well put down the OJ and dive into this amazing morning to midnight wine. We love this because the bottle is not only completely unique (and great to keep as a vase) but the taste of the wine is so fruity but still remains pretty dry. This is 100% a crowd pleaser for happy hour on the beach or even for the first drink of the day (no judging on the time!).

Hampton Water: This is a new one for us; a friend brought it as a gift to the shore last summer and we were a bit hesitant (it's a celebrity is Miraval but hey, what are the chances we would like TWO wines from celebrities?). Regardless, we were pleasantly surprised and would get this again if we saw it on the shelf. It's another really cool bottle - and becoming more common...a glass cork.

These all scream summer at the beach, or lake...or wherever you like to kick back and relax with a drink! Hope you find you love these just as much as we do!