Vetri Meets Mission Taqueria

March 12, 2019


We had the opportunity to attend the #TacoLab at Mission Taqueria last night with Marc Vetri as the guest chef/collab of the evening.


You often hear of Korean and Mexican fusion, but Italian and Mexican isn't something that typically comes to mind...until now.


The menu looked fire so we were excited to get there and get going but wanted to be the ones to put the little man to bed, so we waited until he was #outlikealight so we requested an 8pm seating.


First, Mission is completely underrated when it comes to decor and vibe. It's the middle of March & the minute you reach the top step, you feel like it's mid-June & you're ready for a margarita.



Drink order in first: NASTY WOMAN vodka, blood orange, aperol; PALOMA mezcal, grapefruit soda, squeeze of lime; and rose (difficult to go to a restaurant with great cocktails when you've given them up for Lent!)


Black bean puree with smoked long hots...not too hot - perfect to get ready for the rest of the meal - so good!


From the candle & clockwise: foie gras chorizo, cactus flower, wild boar pancetta, smoked beef sausage


Rabo Encendido: Semolina gnocchi, oxtail red chile ragu, cotija


 Truffle + Truffle: huitlachoche crespelle & Parmesan black truffle fondue - in short Mexican Truffle & Italian Truffle (salivating). 


 Cabrito Tacos: slow roasted goat, cosumme, fresh tortillas


 Vitello Tonnato Tacos: veal milanese, chipotle tonnato sauce, fennel


 Olive Oil Cake: sweet farmer's cheese, piloncillo pineapple jam


To say we were impressed & wowed is an understatement - a very well thought our collaboration with a unique take on both cuisines. Check out more on the #TacoLab here.


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