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Anniversary Trip: Iceland Pt. 3

Day three up early for breakfast before heading out. We’d passed a bakery the night before & knew we needed to try it before getting on our way. After a short walk we were at Sandholt. We both ordered a cappuccino (decaf for this girl) and took turns going up to the cases to check out the fresh baked goods. We got a few different pastries to try, enjoyed the warmth of the coffee & restaurant, then headed out.

We really wanted to visit a hotel in a very remote part of Iceland and decided to make the trip by car to see as much of this beautiful country as possible. In good weather, the hotel is about 5 hours north of Reykjavik so we decided to drive about half of the way that day, stay in Hvammstangi along the way & do the remainder of the trip the next day. With no plans aside from checking in to our AirBnB we took our time, stopping for photos along the way. Iceland is a very remote country as their population is just shy of 350,000 people. In our 3 hour drive that day, we may only have seen about 20 cars at most. The weather wasn’t awful that day, only a few squalls of snow, so the trip was relatively seamless.

We had researched the town of Hvammstangi, home to the Icelandic Seal Center which attracts hundreds if not thousands of tourists each year. We made plans to eat lunch at a tiny cafe near the museum and then a nice restaurant on the water for dinner. We pulled into the town of Hvammstangi which was a few miles off of the main road. It was a quiet town, mainly residential, with many home, a grocery store, a few places to grab a bite and then the main attraction, the Seal Center. We had our GPS set for the cafe, as we pulled up we noticed no cars in the was closed; closed for the season. Hvammstangi is based around tourist coming to visit the Seal Center, see the seals and visit the museum however this all occurs in the spring and summer months causing the town to virtually shut down in the off season. We thought about heading to the grocery store to pick up a few items and cook back at our apartment however we were tired from the drive and decided on lunch at Sjavarborg (where we had originally planned to eat dinner).

With a small menu, there were only a few things I could choose from since there was a bun in the oven, but my husband was in heaven! It was a lot of traditional Icelandic items and the view was by far the most stunning view from a restaurant thus far on our trip. Floor to ceiling windows give way to a large body of water sprinkled with large clusters of rocks where the seals lay out in the spring and summer months. We ate and went back to the AirBnB to rest before dinner. We looked around on Yelp and found nothing was open aside from where we'd just eaten for lunch. Fast forward to dinner, we were greeted by the same waitress and was able to to learn more about the town throughout dinner - and as a bonus of her recognizing us from early, the chef went off the menu and made us some of his favorite dishes.

All in all it was a great experience and it came at the perfect time in the trip. Although it's great to pack a lot into a short amount of time while away, it tires you out & by this point we were ready for some lounging and a good night sleep before the drive ahead in the morning to Deplar Farm.

More on Deplar Farm next time...and that's one you will not want to miss!

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