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Wine Wednesday: Our Favorite Bubbles

It's no secret we love our wines but it hold even more true when we're talking about sparkling wines! Personally, we prefer champagne however with the whole rosé craze we've fully adopted sparkling rosé. Here are a few of our favorites both champagnes & sparkling rosés.

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label: Hands down our favorite. The brand itself is incredible at putting a lifestyle behind the drink which has garnished a huge following among young adults. The events they put on and the pop up's the set up are unparalleled...but back to the champagne (whoops!). We love this champagne because it's a very versatile drink, great for celebrating something big or a romantic evening out.

Mumm Napa Brut Presitige: This is a fabulous champagne for the price! This bottle sells for about $25 on average but the branding and the refreshing taste make it feel like you've splurged! This is one we typically get if we know we're hosting a big party where we know a lot of people will choose the bubbles - i.e. a brunch or NYE party. Great price & crowd pleaser...what's better than that?

Sofia Blanc de Blancs: Beach, please! No really...this is THE BEST on a warm summer night on the beach. These come in little red cans with a straw attached to each for ease & convenience. Smaller than a soda can, you can fit a ton in a cooler & watch the sunset with your toes in the sand.

Rosé Twist: Contratto For England Rose: This is a new one for us and not one you can just pick up at the State store or local market. We discovered this one with our favorite sommelier at Vetri Cucina - Kyle, at one of his sommelier series lunches! We got our bottle at and actually just popped it open - so are in need of ordering our next!

Veuve Cliquot Sparkling Rose: A twist on the classic Yellow Label - it's a dry rose that packs a punch. Comparing it to the For England, it's a bolder taste but still great for a big celebration or just celebrating a good time!

J Vineyard Brut Rose: A traditional Sonoma County Vineyard this rose is light and really one of the nicest summer bubbly we've had. If we're not taking Sofia's to the beach, this is our replacement. What we love about this is that we can take it to the beach, or enjoy it in the chill of the winter.

And of course, these are just our suggestions & opinions...we're definitely no expert in the field, only passionate about what we like so we had to share - happy sipping!