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Newest Italian Spot in Queen Village

My husband and I love to get together with friends so about a year & a half ago my husband came up with the idea to get all the guys together once a month for a big dinner. While the girls are still waiting for their invite, we must admit it is nice to have the tv's to ourselves once a month to binge watch our guilty pleasures & replace dinner with a big glass of wine!

These dinners used to occur much more frequently before the little man, so this month was special as it was the first get together in quite some time. After some searching around my husband landed on the perfect place - Fiore Fine Foods. This is a new Italian spot located in Queen Village in Philadelphia. While it's been open for a few months for breakfast & lunch service they're gearing up to begin dinner service soon and allowed them to book the space for a private dinner (cue the green with envy monster). Suddenly control of the tv and a liquid dinner didn't seem as appealing to all the ladies....

I'd been there before to check out their morning selection and while the decor of the restaurant is of course the same morning or night, the vibe is very different! At night it gives way to a darker more elegant vibe with candles throughout the dining room all bringing focus to the large wood-fire oven at the rear of the room.

All the guys arrived and they began with the apertivi - the 'cocktail hour' if you will; consisting of potato croquettes, savory zeppole & two different pizzettes. My husband raved about the zeppole - mentioning that there was a sort of chile oil integrated in the flavoring which packed a kick, a great twist on the traditional zeppole. He also really loved seeing the pizettes bake in the oven before they were served. When you can see your food being prepared & watch the talented chefs create the meal; it bring about an entirely different appreciation for the food you're enjoying.

Next up - the antipasti - a roasted fennel salad - which I know I would have loved (so jealous at this point!). Described as 'so fresh' and 'loved the seasonal ingredients'.

The pasta course was next and although the guys were a bit nervous at the sound of a sweet potato pasta course...they were blown away in the first bite. It was a sweet potato casoncelli in a walnut pesto and also a ricotta cavatelli. The cavatelli had the perfect amount of ricotta making it the perfect combo with the gamey ragu.

The main dish was a herb roasted rack of pork accompanied with roasted carrots. Again...I cannot explain properly the amount of jealousy I felt receiving these pictures, especially this course! I was told - verbatim...this dish was 'absolutely ridiculous.' Some of the best parts of the meat were right by the bone and these guys had no shame in picking it up to enjoy the meat right off the bone - savage, but worth it! The carrots were delicious and paired with a white sauce which was raved about by all.

Lastly, the dessert course. A milk chocolate budino with a decadent butterscotch gelato. And by now I was ready to turn off my phone because I was waiting on my pizza to arrive (eyeroll) while my husband was finishing up an outstanding meal with one of my favorite desserts!

How did we almost forget - these plates! Each are unique and down right gorgeous so naturally we had to ask where they were from. Ed & Justine were proud to say they were hand picked from flea markets around the area. They pair perfectly with the ambiance of the restaurant and are neatly displayed for all to see; why not - they make great decor all while being useful. The perfect blend.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for Fiore Fine Foods to begin their dinner service and my husband already can't wait to go back. Great location, beautiful atmosphere and a delicious meal - what more could you ask for!

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