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Flights & Filets: Trip to Florida

Baby’s first trip to Florida...& our first as parents! From the start we knew it’d be different in a great way. We like to fly with American Airlines and will continue to do so with our babe. They’re extremely accommodating when it comes to traveling with kids plus luggage. We thought our checked bags would be the stroller & car seat so we’d just pack a carry on with our clothes however after calling to add him to the reservation we learned those items not only check for free but you can check the stroller at the gate plus the baby gets a carry on (ie. the diaper bag doesn’t count toward your luggage!).

We were a bit nervous about traveling with him however arriving to the airport early & having TSA pre-check made the check in & security process a breeze. We made it to the gate, fed and changed him then it was time to board. We were surprised that families with infants under two do not board early but if you have a baby like’ve gotta keep moving to keep him happy, so the least amount of time sitting before takeoff, the better.

A few tips for a happy flight both for you and other guests (as we’ve learned):

  1. Be sure you have a change of clothes not only for the baby but also for yourself...a mess for the baby typically means a mess for you!

  2. If breastfeeding, try to book a window seat to provide you with privacy should your baby get hungry on the flight

  3. Concerned about change in altitude affecting your little one’s ears? Be sure to be feeding them or have a pacifier ready to combat that feeling upon takeoff & landed.

  4. If it’s a leisure trip, it may be best to choose a short flight for the first trip, plus make it a kid friendly destination. We chose Tampa, you'll see a few kids on the flight so you’re not the only parents working to keep your little one content! A suggestion (even if you don’t want to visit the parks) fly into Orlando. Other passengers expect there will be young kids on those flights; minimizing the amount of business flyers or people looking for a quiet flight

  5. Is your baby on a sleeping schedule yet? If so try to plan the flight time during a day time nap. They’ll be tired & hopefully sleep for the duration of the flight. Also, in the middle of the day you don’t run into as many business travelers or people trying to catch up on sleep.

We arrived last Sunday & have been hanging by the house, swimming & cooking. We’ve eaten in a lot & tried our best to stay inside due to the heat though last night we went out to try a new steakhouse in popular beach town, Siesta Key. Summer House opened this past March & has been a hot spot in the area ever since! We arrived early, were seated right away at a beautiful round booth by the floor to ceiling glass wine cabinet with various high-end bottles on display.

We ordered our first round of drinks including a grapefruit martini, an old fashion (made with Jameson) and a mojito; all were delicious. Our starters arrived and we were floored, the chef does a unique twist on some classics: a wagu beef bruschetta & lobscargot. Both were incredible; we would recommend these dishes to anyone eating at Summer House. We’ve been eating a lot of seafood so we all went with different varieties of beef; the bone-in ribeye, NY strip, the classic filet & then the surf & turf. All were incredible although it seemed the table favorite was the NY strip. Some finished the meal with desserts, some with coffee...and one of us had to try the espresso martini!

Tonight is pizza night at home! My husband made the dough yesterday & it’s been rising all night! He likes to use recipes from his newest cookbook, Mastering Pizza, by Marc Vetri. Stayed tuned for a post about pizza night, or follow along on his insta-story @foodfromformento.

P.S. - Thinking of booking a flight for travel before the end of 2018? Today & tomorrow only, JetBlue has their annual fall sale on flights from many origins across the country to destinations across the US and into the Caribbean. Check out their sale and if you're thinking somewhere warm; I suggest Nassau in The Bahamas. We're working on a blog all about our time living in The Bahamas; what to do, where to eat & more. Coming Soon!