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Anniversary Trip: Iceland Pt. 2

Woke up to a surprise on our door! There's an Icelandic Christmas tradition of Yuleman who come to your house each night to leave gifts. The eve we stayed at Ranga, the Spoon Licker paid us a visit & although he licked the spoons in the kitchen, he left us small treats & a note about him.

We enjoyed another dark, but delicious breakfast before checking out & venturing out into a very cold, dark countryside. We originally thought about visiting Blue Lagoon upon landing but decided against it & planned to hit it on the way into Reykjavik. After some consideration & research we opted to book a more private, less frills lagoon experience. We chose Secret Lagoon which was perfectly situated half way between Hotel Ranga & Reykjavik. We made our journey north toward the lagoon, stopping to capture the sunrise, various smaller falls & of course the beautiful Icelandic horses you see on postcards and websites.

We pulled up to Secret Lagoon, headed inside, checked in & were on our way. Another reason we chose Secret Lagoon was the pregnancy. I wasn’t able to be in the water for more than a few minutes as advised by my doctor & even then I didn’t want to chance it, so I only put my feet in. At Secret Lagoon there was plenty of room to sit along the side without feeling as though I was in someone’s way or it being overcrowded. Although there was not spa as at Blue Lagoon, there were drinks and food options for purchase and a warm place to sit and look over the lagoon. It’s safe to say my husband enjoyed it & maybe next time we’ll try out Blue Lagoon! Back in the car; our next destination was Reykjavik Residence Hotel, a boutique hotel in Reykjavik. I personally really enjoyed this hotel, it had a very warm & home-like feel to it, parking was provided & it was steps from the hustling town while being close to the water as well. We arrived, dropped our bags & the first thing my husband had to try was the Icelandic hotdog. We explored a bit before landing on what is supposed to be ‘the’ place to grab a dog - Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. It did not disappoint & we were on our way (checking out how far away dinner was & where we were going for our pre-dinner drinks). Pre-dinner drinks (club soda for this girl) were at Apotek. A chic lounge & restaurant on the main street. My husband got an old fashion & I got popcorn . Apotek is perfect for both young swanky couples or for a friends night out, but get there early; it's a smaller space with limited seats plus first come first serve. The drinks & the atmosphere made us want to come back on our last night in Iceland.

A short walk from Apotek we arrived to Fish Market, an upscale seafood focused restaurant including sushi offerings. Upon entering the restaurant you can either ascend the steps to an intimate bar & lounge area, or be escorted down the stairs to the formal dining room, designed to resemble an Asian garden. We were quickly seated & provided the drink and dinner menus. We started by sharing the lobster soup and then crispy wasabi salad. My husband ordered a beautiful glass of white wine to accompany the seafood.

The next course I sat out, all the while feeling a tinge of jealously. The fresh caught sashimi arrived to our table; my husband's face said it all but he continued to raved about the crisp taste of the sushi. I’ve never been more envious!

I was back for the entree & decided on the grilled salmon. The savory taste of the fish mixed with the sweetness of the apples was the perfect blend. I would recommend this dish (pregnant or not) again & again.

My husband had ordered the salted cod dish and I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the meal, he was fully focused on his meal. It was an outstanding dish which he has since suggested to anyone traveling to the city with a reservation at Fish Market.

What’s a dinner without a little something sweet? After dinner we walked past the pop up ice rink in the center of the city before sniffing our way to the sweetest smelling shop in town, Eldur og Is. We just beat the rush, ordered & sat by the frosted window to enjoy our strawberry chocolate crepe before heading back to the hotel for bed.