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What a Summer!

Sunday was our first NFL Sunday as a family, how is it already football season?!

Well, the summer has come to an end and while we loved every minute of it, it was very different than past summers for us as a couple. The first few weeks of the season were slower as we were in our last few weeks of the pregnancy. We spent a lot of time prepping for our little guy, countless doctors appointments & trying to relax before our world would essentially change!

Our little man arrived on July 3rd and we spent the 4th celebrating his arrival, our change in titles and more relaxing...less, shall we say, indulging! We spent the first few weeks of parenthood navigating our son’s needs as well as learning to slow down. We’ve seen so many similarities between travel and becoming parents. Both can be tiring and challenging although also the most rewarding & exhilarating experience. We’ve shared many trips together as a couple over our years together but becoming a mom & dad has been the best adventure we could have ever asked for.

We've been blessed with a great support system so while we haven't been traveling as much as we may have in the past, we are still able to sneak away for a few great meals close to home! This summer we were finally able to get back to Bibou since I was no longer pregnant and not restricted on my diet. My husband set up an amazing in home sushi dinner with us and a few of our closest friends, we (of course) had to get in a great meal at Vetri at least once and when we can, we've gotten out to local spots like Parc, Chicks & a few others around Rittenhouse. We've shared a lot of these meals with you and can't wait to continue to share more as we head into fall!

We’re taking our first trip as a family this week & cant wait to show our son some of our favorite places. It’s exciting to think this is just the beginning. We love travel & will continue to do so as a family. Sharing new experiences, trying new foods (now some kids friendly restaurants!) & learning about new cultures is going to stretch & grow the three of us, we can’t wait to continue to share our meals & travels with you!

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