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Last Full Day in Santorini

After a long and much needed rest after our full day cruise, we woke up the following morning and started just as we had the day before, breakfast with a view from our deck. With no concrete plans, we dined in our robes and we slow to get ready for the day - no complaints there!

After finally deciding we weren't ready to fully start the day, we called over to the spa & booked ourselves a couples massage to jump start the morning. The spa, which used to be a 17th century wine cave, is located back in the interior of the mountain - dark, cool & quiet...exactly what we were in need of!

We hydrated & relaxed before being escorted to our private room. Although we'd booked a couples massage, we were each able to choose the treatment we preferred from a wide array of offerings. Once settled, we enjoyed the next 90-minutes being pampered & refreshed before they rang a delicate bell to let us know our time had come to an end...aka wake us up!

We got ourselves together and then headed back up to the pool area where we met the rest of the group and headed out for lunch. We'd planned on visiting Laokasti for dinner the night before but the day didn't take us in that direction so we decided to see if it was open for lunch; luckily for us it was. We were seated on the front patio under a beautiful pergola covered in greens with blossoming pink flowers.

Shocked we haven't mentioned this yet, but while in Athens dining at Milos, the waiter introduced us to what would become our favorite wine of the trip, and also our favorite wine even at home! We've shared the wine in many posts before, but never really dove into the topic too deeply (although we do have a blog post in the works with our favorite warm weather wines where we will include more detail on this one!)

We sat down for lunch, ordered a bottle of the white wine & then took a look at the lunch menu. All selections on the menu were local to Santorini and everything was prepared using fresh techniques to ensure the contemporary nature of the dish still reflected the essence of Greek cuisine.

We'd recommend this spot for lunch or dinner and had wished we had another night in order to try Laokasti for dinner however if it's anything as our lunch was, dinner will blow you away!

It was one of the hottest days since we'd been in Greece so the pool was calling our name. We walked back to the hotel & waded right into the pool, and maybe over to the swim up bar! For the next several hours we just took in the beauty of the hotel & Oia before heading down to our rooms to get ready for our next adventure.

Once we knew we were going to be going to Greece, we looked right into Flytographer as a gift for my husband's parents. We'd used

this service on our honeymoon a few years back and would recommend it to anyone traveling as a couple, or even as a group! Flytographer is a network of photographers in various locations around the world of which you can book in advance and meet while in destination for a photo shoot. It's the perfect gift for that couple who loves to travel but always has selfies or one or the other in a photo; it was one of my favorite gifts from my bridal shower which we then booked for our honeymoon.

We planned our 60-minute session with Ioannis and spent the afternoon on back alleys of Oia which in our time here had not gotten to see. Aside from the beautiful photos which were as a result of the session, we also were able to explore sections of this beautiful town which we may have overlooked had we not been out with a local for the afternoon.

We were all really looking forward to dinner not only since it was our last night in Oia, but the restaurant my husband booked was supposed to be one of the best in town. We had called in advance to make the reservation but it is suggested to call the day before to reconfirm - it's a small tight place and you'd hate to miss out on your meal there! Heading to the restaurant you're

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