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Santorini: Day & Night One

After leaving rainy, but beautiful, Athens - we were headed to Santorini! After a quick flight, we were on the absolutely gorgeous island. We stayed in the small village of Oia, so the bus ride was longer than our flight! The roads in Santorini are small, so most of the time spent on the bus was due the traffic build up from other buses/vans dropping off guests. Once you get closer to the village, the streets narrow even more and the hotels do not have drop of area so the buses stop in the street to allow the passengers to disembark (causing quite the back up). After our 45-minute trip (mostly traffic) we arrived in paradise, Canaves Oia. As you can see from the photo, we came on an overcast day, but still the views were breath-taking. Upon arrival, our rooms weren't quite ready yet, so we enjoyed our welcome cocktail & lunch at the restaurant by the pool. We enjoyed a dip trio, chicken skewers & rice & a few other quick dishes (as to not fill up before dinner).

What's unique about Oia, is all of the structures are built into the side of the mountain. This meaning, the hotel lobby is not necessarily close to the restaurant or pool area as most typical hotels. Each room had a private patio area, some with whirlpools, some with bistro tables; all with incredible views from inside & through the windows. (Picture of the pool was taken from the bedroom section of the suite). As soon as we finished lunch, our rooms were ready & we settled in, relaxed on our private terrace and just took it all in. No matter how many times you see the same view from your room, or the lobby, you are taken a back. It is like nothing we've ever seen before and although pictures we've seen of Santorini are is incomparable to seeing it in person. For dinner out first night, we went to Kastro Oia known for being one of the best spots in Oia to catch the sunset. We can't stress enough how much pictures just don't do it justice, but we tried to capture a few shots!

We were here over Memorial Day and early June and the evenings were cool, during dinner we had to run out to buy a small sweater to keep warm, so if you're planning to travel here around the same time, be sure to pack at least a sweater for chilly nights. After dinner we explored the village on our way back to the hotel

before coming across some donkeys! How cliche, to see in Greece however it was an experience we're glad to have seen. That was the conclusion to our first night in Santorini & it's safe to say it the first day didn't disappoint!

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