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Hosting...And Enjoying It!

We've lived in Philly for 4 years now and I have to say, I've adopted a love for the sports teams, but especially for the events which surround the games! So of course, we love the Eagles, so our friends have been getting together during their away games & this past Sunday it was out turn!

Now we love to host & having gotten married we have a lot of serving platters. plates, lazy-susans, etc. so it makes it even more easy to plan & execute a great party! So here are a few of the tips & tricks we use to host people at our house:

PLAN AHEAD: We always plan out a menu in advance and get to the store as soon as we can in the days leading up to the event, if there are ANY foods we can do before the day of...we do it! In addition, there's NOTHING worse than the feeling of thinking you won't have enough food, or too much. Map our your space, we like to put sticky notes out on the table to where each of the dishes are going to go to ensure there is not only enough space...but worse, it doesn't look bare.

Easy but good, food choices! As you can see above, we did a cheese, fruit & veggie spread which are all crowd favorites (even the guys) and all of this you can cut and put back in your fridge until right before the event. With the pasta salad we boiled the pasta the day prior & dressed it in our FAVORITE Greek dressing which you can find at many different grocery stores or online! The day of we added in the Feta, cucumbers, red onion, tomato & Greek oregano to top it off - Easy! And of course our guests LOVED the tomato pie we bought from Santucci's - a local favorite! ALL of our desserts were from Trader Joe's & seriously, only needed to be taken out 30 minutes prior to serving....doesn't get any more simple than that!

• We did choose for two additional & subsequently more difficult dishes, but were well received and WELL WORTH the time! We did crock pot pulled chicken sandwiches & crispy baked homemade wings. Since we're trying to eat a more paleo focused diet, we chose to make our own wings to be healthier since most places fry their wings. The wings took up the most time but a crowd pleaser! Here's the recipe!

•Last, we set up a Mimosa Bar & a Bloody Mary bar! This really helps guest know what to bring since our sports get togethers are typically BYO! We supplied the mixes, the garnishes & a few bottles of champagne/vodka but if people preferred others, they brought their own as well! One way to ensure everyone is happy with their drinks...don't pre-mix. Some people love mimosas with a hint of OJ, others are all about the champagne. So let them choose how they mix to keep everyone happy!

Can't wait to share our tailgate for the next Eagles game this Sunday! Go Birds!

If you have any questions be sure to contact us!

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