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Why Menus & Maps?

Wine not?!

Ok, terrible & over used pun...but incredibly true. Why not?

We (my now husband and I) moved to Philadelphia about a year after we graduated college. We would have moved here sooner had I not had committed to a year long internship in the Bahamas (more on that later). So in 2013, we moved into the Graduate Hospital area and immediately fell in love with the charm of the city. Living on a small quiet street was great for a girl coming from the country. I was able to ease my way into "city-living" while living blocks away from the most popular neighborhoods in Philly. Now nearly 4 years later we have both not only adapted to life in the city, but have fully embraced it!

So back to why not...We love to travel and we love to eat, it's as simple as that & now we want to share that with you! We're so excited to share the cities, small towns, restaurants, food & drinks that we fell in love with through our time in Philly & around the world!

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Old City, Philadelphia

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